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Health and Safety

Positivenergy is committed to protecting the health and safety of all employees and ensuring that our activities are not harmful to the environment and the greater community.

Our Principles

  • All accidents can be prevented
  • No task is so important that risk of injury to people or damage to the environment is justified
  • Effective Work Health and Safety (WHS) management is a critical foundation for sustainable management

Our Objectives

  • Zero harm to people and the environment
  • To show leadership in the field of WHS management
  • To work in a responsible and sustainable manner

Our Methods

Positivenergy will meet these objectives by:

  • Promoting a positive culture based on improving our WHS performance
  • Complying with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Maintaining audited safety and environmental management systems
  • Eliminating hazards, practices and behaviours that could cause accidents, injuries or illnesses
  • Implementing controls to eliminate pollution and environmental harm
  • Providing training and resources for staff to maintain safe systems of work
  • Integrating WHS management into all aspects of the organisation
  • Employing contractors who aspire to the same WHS standards
  • Reporting publicly and annually on WHS performance, measured against objectives and targets

At Positivenergy we will ensure this by implementing controls to eliminate pollution and environmental harm by utilising green waste facilities to dispose of all materials ie failed lamps/fittings/packaging etc. The above applies to all sites where we are performing work and covers all our activities and services. This commitment to WHS and the Environment is our highest priority and will not be compromised.

Positivenergy also keeps up to date with changes to regulations/standards by:

i. Subscribing to email alerts/e-newsletters

ii. Undertaking formal training

iii. Liaising with professional associations

iv. Links to the OHS Regulator’s web-site for each State/Territory